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Helpful Co-Parenting Tips for Divorced Parents

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2019 | Child Custody, Divorce

As a divorced parent, it’s important to co-parent your children in a manner that fosters their growth and development. Unfortunately, however, divorced parents sometimes get caught up in their personal feelings and all but forget about the well-being of their children. In order to avoid this and other common co-parenting problems, we’ve compiled some helpful tips below.

Focus on your children’s needs

You must always put your children’s needs first when co-parenting. This means that every decision you make must involve an analysis of how it will affect your children. Regardless of the issues, you have with your co-parent, you must put them aside and remember what’s important— the well-being of your children.

Prioritize communication

Effective communication is a necessary part of a successful co-parenting relationship. This may be difficult, especially if you are recently divorced. However, for the sake of your children, it’s imperative that you maintain an open line of communication with your co-parent.

Stay consistent

You and your co-parent must enforce consistent rules regarding behavior, discipline, bedtime, playtime, chores, homework, and other areas. This requires communication and planning. Children need consistency to thrive, and conflicting rules can be confusing and frustrating. However, also try not to argue over minor differences. Stay focused on the big picture.

Stick to your schedule

Once you have a parenting time schedule in place, stick to it. Staying consistent with your schedule will make your children feel secure. When parents frequently modify their parent-time schedules, the children suffer. However, when a modification is absolutely necessary, have a plan in place for communicating the changes to your children in an effective manner.

Never speak poorly about the other parent

Never speak negatively about your co-parent in front of your children. Save your venting for conversations with your friends, parents, or other adults. Nothing good ever comes of disparaging your co-parent in front of your children. Don’t do it.

Be positive

Finally, always stay positive when dealing with your co-parent and your children. Speak highly of your co-parent in front of your children. Highlight your co-parent’s good points. Remember, it does your children no good to have negative feelings about you or your co-parent. Divorced parents can raise successful, happy, and healthy kids—it just takes a little cooperation and effort.

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