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Divorcing a master manipulator

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2023 | Divorce

At first, everything in your relationship seemed perfect, and you could not wait to get married. But soon after the wedding, your spouse’s true nature as a narcissistic manipulator began to emerge. Instead of thriving in a marriage built on love, trust and empathy, you are trapped in a relationship with a user who selfishly manipulates your emotions for their own ends. Now only a divorce can end the abuse and give you control over your life back.

How does a manipulator cause someone to fall in love with them? Here are three signs to watch out for. Maybe some of these are familiar to you.

They are very perceptive

Normally, it’s considered an excellent quality to be sensitive to other people’s feelings and able to intuit how they will react to different situations. But manipulators twist these skills to their advantage. Instead of using their intuition to help people feel good and happy, they manipulate others into doing what they, the manipulator, want.

They lead unstable lives

A manipulator’s act as a normal, caring person never lasts. Sooner or later, friends and coworkers realize that they are being used. Then it’s time for the manipulator to move on to a new group of targets. This is why manipulators rarely have jobs or personal relationships that last for years or decades. They often move cities or states every few years for this reason.

They are very nice (at first)

A common tactic among master manipulators is to be very sweet and accommodating in the first weeks and months of a relationship. Then, once the person has become emotionally attached, they can be easy to control.

If you feel embarrassed about getting married to a manipulative person, know that it happens all the time in Metro Atlanta. And you don’t have to stay married to them. A reasonable divorce settlement will put you back on the path to independence and life on your own terms.