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Can I Forbid My Ex From Bringing Their New Partner Around Our Child?

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2023 | Child Custody

Just like divorce, remarriage is now common in Georgia and across the United States. After a marital breakdown, your estranged spouse might find love again and decide to start a new romantic relationship. Especially when you have kids together, you may be concerned about your ex’s new partner.

Such concerns may arise from the time your child spends with your ex’s new partner, the amount of caregiving, or the new lifestyle they’re exposing your child to. However, if you’re not a fan of your ex’s new partner, you may be worried about your child and wondering how to handle the situation.

Attorney Banks-Ware enjoys giving direction to individuals and families in complex matters involving divorce and remarriage or new relationships. As a seasoned Georgia family law attorney, Noreen Banks-Ware will listen to your concerns and tell you about your available legal options to manage the situation. The firm proudly serves clients across Lithonia, McDonough, Decatur, Covington, and Conyers, Georgia.

Can You Control Who Sees Your Kids When the Other Partner Has Custody?

Essentially, after a divorce, you do not have control over your ex-partner’s life. To a large extent, you may be unable to control who your ex sees or who sees your kids. However, when the other parent has custody, you may be able to control or limit who sees your child either by establishing a formal agreement or court order. This can be achieved by including a clause that prohibits a non-family member from seeing your children or spending the night at your ex-spouse’s house when they’re in the care of the children.

What to Do or Not Do If You Have a New Partner

Furthermore, if you have a new partner, you can introduce them to your child and inform your ex-partner about your child seeing your new partner. If your new partner is friendly with kids and your child is comfortable around them, you can occasionally allow them to babysit or stay with your child – unless the court order or parenting plan is against it.

Nonetheless, avoid leaving your child with your new partner all the time. Also, do not rely on them to parent or watch over your child in your space. Though, you may be leaving your child with your new partner in good faith to allow them to establish a cordial relationship or bond. However, your ex-partner may see this as neglecting parenting time. This may be considered as evidence against you when seeking modification of child custody or visitation schedule.

What to Do If You Suspect Your Children Are at Risk

Common situations that may put the safety and health of your children at risk include:

  • Leaving a child unsupervised
  • Family or domestic violence
  • Exposing the child to unsafe people or situations.
  • Not providing the child with food and water.
  • Physical abuse
  • Committing indecent acts or behavior in the child’s presence.
  • Leaving guns, firearms, and sharp objects within the child’s reach
  • Parental mental illness and intellectual disability
  • Driving recklessly with the child as a passenger
  • Negligence
  • Substance abuse in the child’s presence
  • Failure to provide the child is immediate medical help when required.
  • Alcohol and drug use by the parent

If you suspect that your children are at risk or the other parent is exposing your kids to potential risks, you need to reach out to an experienced family law attorney immediately. Also, you must gather significant evidence to support your claims or establish that your child’s health and safety might be at risk.

In addition, your attorney can investigate all of the facts of your personal situation, explore the possibility of modifying the existing child custody arrangement, or seek additional protection through a restraining order.

Changing the Custody Agreement

To change an existing child custody agreement, the requesting parent must prove that:

  • There has been a “substantial change of circumstances” that will affect the child’s well-being.
  • The modification or new custody order is in your child’s best interest.

A dependable child custody attorney can file the modification petition on your behalf and help protect your child custody rights.

How Can a Family Law Attorney Help?

Being concerned about the influence your ex’s new partner might have on your child is understandable. Regardless, getting proper guidance and advocacy from a seasoned family law attorney is crucial to navigate key decisions. E.N. Banks-Ware Law Firm LLC is committed to advising clients in divorce and child custody modification matters.

As your lawyer, Attorney Banks-Ware can review every aspect of your situation and determine whether you should adjust the custody arrangements. Also, Noreen Banks-Ware will work to address your concerns and outline a strategic plan to protect your children, family’s best interests, and future.

Contact E.N. Banks-Ware Law Firm LLC today to schedule an initial consultation with a practiced divorce lawyer. Attorney Banks-Ware provides the support, and legal counsel you need to make intelligent decisions in your familial matters. The firm proudly serves clients across Lithonia, McDonough, Decatur, Covington, and Conyers, Georgia.