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Every family has unique needs and objectives. When conflicts arise, however -- a divorce, a child custody dispute, suit for breach of contract or help with an estate -- all families share a common need for skilled, compassionate legal representation.

Located in DeKalb County, City of Lithonia, E.N. Banks-Ware Law Firm, LLC provides comprehensive legal services to clients in Dekalb, Metro-Atlanta and throughout the State of Georgia. Founding attorney E. Noreen Banks-Ware has been serving the community with integrity and distinction for nearly 30 years. Well-versed in family law, probate and estate administration, business litigation, and personal injury law, our legal team works diligently to achieve successful outcomes inside or outside of the courtroom.

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Why Choose E.N. Banks-Ware Law Firm, LLC?

We have a well-earned reputation for handling the most difficult and demanding cases with the highest level of professionalism. Regardless of the issue you are facing, we will provide you with trustworthy advice and personal attention. Although we are highly regarded for being skilled negotiators, we are also tough litigators and fully prepared to try any case. When you consult us, you can take comfort in knowing that your future matters to us.

When you are faced with a dispute that rises to the level of legal action, you need dedicated advocates by your side. Knowing that the legal system can be complicated and confusing, we will explain all of your rights and make sure that your interests are protected. Our legal services are not only comprehensive, but cost-effective as well. We offer half hour consultations for a flat rate, but will apply those fees toward any retainer if the firm is hired to handle your legal matter. We also offer free consults on any Personal Injury cases. Those case are handled on a contingency basis, which means you will not pay any attorney’s fees until we win you compensation.

You should never handle going through a divorce or any family law matter, probating a will, being sued for breach of contract or recovering from an accident on your own. The best decision you can make to protect yourself is to choose the right attorney. Please contact E.N. Banks-Ware Law Firm, LLC today to learn how we can help.

Family Law

Family Law

When a family is in transition, the emotional burden can be overwhelming, especially when young children are involved. The family law practice at E.N. Banks-Ware Law Firm, LLC is dedicated to helping our clients resolve a wide range of issues such as:

  • Divorce
  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Parenting time rights
  • Modification of custody/support orders
  • Divorce Mediation
  • Collaborative divorce
  • Legitimation and father’s rights

Let’s face it: a marital break up is never easy. Anger and resentment are bound to surface, and a divorce can become hotly contested. For clients who prefer to seek amicable solutions, however, divorce mediation and collaborative methods can create a less stressful environment that ultimately leads to an equitable agreement.

Attorney Banks-Ware is certified in collaborative law, an active member of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals, and has a well-earned reputation for being a dedicated advocate, whether in court or at the negotiating table.

Our processes will empower you to make the best decisions for your future and restore order to your family. We are knowledgeable about Georgia’s rules of equitable distribution, as well as various property valuation methods. When necessary, we collaborate with credentialed financial professionals and forensic accountants to ensure that all marital assets are identified and properly divided.

Some of the most difficult issues in a divorce concern the custody, financial support and emotional well-being of the children. No matter how contentious a marital dispute becomes, we are keenly aware that any arrangements must be in the best interests of the children. Above all, we devise solutions that will protect your rights, preserve the bonds with your children, and secure your financial future.

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Probate and Estate Administration

In addition to handling family law matters, clients often seek our advice after being named the personal representative of a deceased loved one’s estate. While grieving the loss of a parent, spouse, sibling, close friend, or business associate is never easy, a personal representative (or executor) has a duty to carry out the instructions of the will.

During such a difficult time, it is critically important to have the advice and guidance of an experienced probate and estate administration attorney. At E.N. Banks-Ware Law Firm, LLC, we assist personal representatives in fulfilling their essential duties, including:

  • Filing a petition to probate an estate
  • Representing parties that contest Wills
  • Notifying beneficiaries and heirs
  • Conducting an inventory and appraisal of the estate assets
  • Paying the decedent’s debts
  • Distributing the remaining assets to beneficiaries
  • Preparing petitions for Guardianship and Conservatorship for Incapacitated Adults

It is important to remember that personal representatives are considered fiduciaries. This means that they must act in the best interest of the beneficiaries when administering an estate — failing to do so can result in significant penalties. We work closely with personal representatives as well as beneficiaries to ensure their rights are protected. We do the same for any fiduciary appointed over a ward’s property or person.

Of course, the best way to avoid a dispute is by creating a legally enforceable will along with other essential estate planning documents. We have extensive experience drawing up wills, living trusts, and testamentary trusts, as well as durable powers of attorney for financial affairs and healthcare. When you consult us, you will have peace of mind knowing that your wishes will be carried out faithfully.

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Probate and Estate Administration
Personal Injury

Personal Injury

No one expects to be injured in an accident, and the consequences can be overwhelming. At E.N. Banks-Ware Law Firm, we handle personal injury cases arising from all types of accidents, including:

  • Car accidents
  • Defective products
  • Dog bite accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Premises liability
  • Truck accidents

It is worth noting that injury claims are governed by Georgia’s rules of comparative negligence. While injury victims are entitled to compensation if they are partially at fault for an accident, those found to be 50 percent or more at fault cannot recover damages. Ultimately, it takes an aggressive personal injury attorney to protect your rights.

By taking the time to conduct an extensive investigation of the accident, we will work to demonstrate the other party’s liability and help you obtain the maximum compensation you deserve. Regardless of the value of your claim, we will provide you with knowledge, compassion, and guidance so that you can focus on recovering.

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Business Litigation

E.N. Banks-Ware Law Firm, LLC incorporates businesses, prepares Limited Liability Companies in addition to drafting shareholders’ and operating agreements. The firm will defend any business that is sued for breach of contract.

Business Litigation

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