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There Are Ways To Make A Divorce Easier

Even an uncontested divorce can be stressful and emotional. If you add child custody disputes and acrimony into the mix, divorce can be very hard. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to minimize the negative emotions and help you move forward.

At E.N. Banks-Ware Law Firm, LLC, we want to help people get through the tough parts of divorce so they can focus on a better future. Attorney E. Noreen Banks-Ware has been representing people in Georgia divorces for over 30 years. She understands what you are experiencing and strives to help you move on from the difficult issues and create a new life.

Things You Can Do To Better Prepare Yourself For Divorce

Create a support network: You will be processing many feelings before, during, and after a divorce. It’s no good to bottle up your emotions or fears; that only magnifies them and can make this process even harder. Instead, talk to friends and family about your concerns or feelings. Note that you do not want to take legal advice from anyone who is not a family law attorney, but you can talk about the emotions or worries you have.

See a therapist: In addition to talking with people you know, you may want to see a therapist who focuses on family issues or, depending on the situation, trauma. Going through a divorce can bring up long-buried emotions from other family conflicts, even those that occurred when you were a child. Having a professional counselor as part of your support network can help you work through all the feelings you are having.

Talk with a lawyer: Whether you are in the early stages of considering divorce or are ready to file, speaking with a lawyer will provide valuable answers to your many questions. Remember that every divorce is unique, so you can only get information specific to your circumstances from an attorney.

Gather your financial information: “Will I have enough money after divorce” is a very common question and valid concern. Get your financial paperwork together so you have a thorough understanding of your current financial state, including your debt. You will also want to consider your financial strategy during the divorce. Will you pay or receive spousal support or child support during the divorce? After the divorce? Will you need to sell your house? What will happen to your retirement accounts? An attorney can provide answers to the legal aspects of these questions; you may want to consult a financial expert for a detailed financial analysis.

Planning for your children: Of course, you will have questions and concerns about the custody of your children. You and your spouse/co-parent may be able to come to an agreement that works for everyone; that is our goal for our clients. However, you may have related questions such as will your children need additional child care during or after the divorce? If so, who will pay for it? It is important to find answers to these questions so you can plan ahead.

Determining your ideal outcome of the divorce: What do you want your life to look like post-divorce? What do you want for your children? Are you hoping to have an amicable divorce, or are you prepared for a battle? These are critical questions to ask yourself so you have a goal in mind before you get started.

You Can Turn To The Firm For Answers To Your Legal Questions

Don’t let these questions overwhelm you. It is easy to set up an appointment to speak with our caring, experienced family law attorney in metro Atlanta. Just call 770-679-2617 or send an email, and we will schedule a time to talk.