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Important Considerations In Divorce

When you are going through a stressful, emotional experience, it is easy to make rash decisions that may make the situation worse. Divorce and custody disputes are prime examples of such situations.

To avoid common pitfalls when facing Georgia family law concerns, follow these tips from E.N. Banks-Ware Law Firm, LLC, and then contact us in metro Atlanta if you have questions.

Things To Do During A Divorce

Get The Right Kind Of Support

Professionals, friends, and family can provide invaluable help during difficult times, but it is important to know when to lean on them. For objective, professional support, you may want to see a counselor. They can offer a perspective that you may not get from family and friends. Your family and friends can, however, provide comfort and anytime support that a therapist can’t give you.

Listen To Your Lawyer

When you need legal advice, consult a Georgia family law attorney. Your friends and family and coworkers simply cannot be substitutes for a family law professional. While these people mean well, they do not have the experience and knowledge of an attorney.

Consider Your Financial Needs

In many cases, money is a critical part of a divorce. If possible, get an accurate picture of your finances before the divorce is in progress. Depending on your circumstances, you may want to think about cutting back on unnecessary expenses and saving some money, especially if you are leaving a one-income household and/or are not currently working.

Be Ready To Fight For The Important Things

The family home, time with your children and the preservation of co-parenting relationships are things worth striving for. Save yourself the time and hassle of fighting over things that don’t matter and concentrate on what is truly important to you.

Things Not To Do In Divorce

Don’t Rely Solely On The Internet

While the internet can provide some general information about divorce and custody, you must remember that each case is unique. You cannot glean reliable, specific legal counsel from a website or social media.

Don’t Post About Your Family Law Issues Online

Speaking of social media, it is best to refrain from posting anything about your divorce or custody case. You could end up saying something that your spouse/co-parent can use against you, especially in contentious divorces. Do not post about your case, your finances, or how your children are coping. What may seem like an innocent comment can often be turned against you.

Don’t Make Big Financial Changes

Hiding, wasting, or giving away assets is not advised. It may seem like a good way to keep assets away from your spouse during the division of marital property, but it is not a good strategy in a divorce. Speak with your attorney and/or financial adviser before making any drastic changes to your finances and assets.

Don’t Talk Badly About Your Co-Parent With Your Children

It is understandably tempting to want to say negative things about your spouse/co-parent, but it is not a good idea. Your children will be hurt and confused by this, and it puts them in an awkward situation when they are already coping with enormous changes in their lives. In addition, you may be accused of parental alienation by the other parent. This can affect the outcome of your custody case.

Don’t Waste Time And Money On The Little Things

While there are certainly some things worth fighting for, there are others that you can let go. You can greatly prolong the time and expense of a divorce by battling over personal property. This is especially true if you are fighting over things just to spite your spouse. Try to compromise when possible and focus on what matters most to you.

For Specific Advice, Contact A Lawyer

To schedule an appointment with attorney E. Noreen Banks-Ware, call 770-679-2617 or send us an email today. You will get answers and insights regarding your situation, so you can move forward confidently.