Man and woman on a date during divorce proceedings.

Can I Date During My Divorce?

If you are contemplating a divorce in Georgia, you may already have someone in mind whom you’d like to get to know better. This isn’t unusual. In fact, most people who are on the brink of divorce have been unhappy for quite some time—and this often leads them to look elsewhere for fulfillment. But is it a good idea to date during your divorce? The short answer to this question is “no.” It generally isn’t a good idea to begin dating before your divorce is final. However, everyone’s situation is unique. So, if you’re considering a divorce in Georgia, please review the information below about dating and divorce. If you have additional questions, please contact a Georgia divorce attorney for guidance. 

What a Date Is – In Legal Terms

For legal purposes, a date is an act of having a one-on-one social interaction with another person. It doesn’t matter whether it’s platonic or romantic. For practical purposes, however, the dates that are likely to get you into trouble during your divorce are those of a romantic nature. 

The Consequences of Dating During a Divorce

The main reason that it is advisable to refrain from dating during divorce is that it can lead to suspicion that you had an affair prior to being separated. If that happens, your new partner may be required to testify in court on several issues, including:

  • When your relationship started
  • Whether the relationship is of a physical or romantic nature
  • Whether you transferred any property from your marriage to your partner as a gift 
  • The amount of money you spent on dates with your partner

Ultimately, this can make you look bad in court and can have an effect on the outcome of your divorce. If the judge believes you began dating while still married, it won’t help your case. 

How to Approach Dating and Divorce 

If you absolutely must date during your divorce, below are some tips to make sure you don’t harm your case:

  • Don’t date unless you and your spouse are separated physically. 
  • Avoid starting a sexual relationship if possible. A surprise pregnancy during divorce won’t help your case. 
  • When dating either during or after a divorce, always keep your children in mind. If you have children, consider their needs before your own. Don’t expose them to new people too quickly, as this can harm them emotionally. 

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