A couple that is getting a divorce in Georgia.

What Not to Do When Getting a Divorce in Georgia

The divorce process can be challenging, but people often make it more difficult than is necessary. By avoiding the actions described below, you’ll not only save yourself time and money, but you’ll make the divorce process easier for your children, your ex, and anyone else affected by your divorce. Below is an overview of what not to do when getting a divorce in Georgia. If you still have questions after reviewing this information, please feel free to contact our Georgia divorce lawyer

Don’t Put Off Updating Your Will

A divorce doesn’t automatically update your will. Therefore, if you want to prevent your ex from receiving the assets listed in your will, you need to discuss updating it with your Georgia divorce lawyer

Don’t Fail to Consider Mediation or Collaborative Divorce 

Mediation and collaborative divorce are alternatives to the traditional divorce process. With collaborative divorce, you work with a team of professionals to help you divide property and manage emotional stress. Collaborative divorce is less adversarial than traditional divorce.

Mediation is also less adversarial than traditional divorce. In mediation, a divorce mediator works with you and your spouse in an effort to reach a satisfactory divorce agreement. 

Don’t Take Your Frustration out on Your Kids

While this may seem obvious, you should never take your frustrations with the divorce process out on your children. During the typical divorce, emotions run high, and it’s often easy to lash out at those around us, including our children. However, children need a supportive environment—especially when trying to process the divorce of their parents. 

Don’t Refuse Counseling

Counseling can be a great help to couples who are going through the divorce process. Therapists help couples and their children deal with the emotions they experience when dealing with divorce. Generally, any healthy activity that reduces the stress of divorce is worth exploring, including counseling. 

Don’t Increase Your Debt

Finally, divorce can be expensive. And while it may be tempting to tackle the costs associated with divorce by accumulating debt, avoid doing so if possible. Divorce is a big change, and it may require you to adjust your spending habits temporarily. 

Don’t Forget to Contact a Divorce Lawyer! 

If you are seeking a divorce in Georgia, you need an experienced divorce attorney on your side. At the law office of E.N. Banks-Ware, we will work with you to help you achieve a positive outcome in your divorce proceeding. When you hire us to represent you in your Georgia divorce, our primary concern is protecting the interests of you and your family. And when a satisfactory settlement cannot be reached in your case, we are always ready and willing to fight for you in court. Therefore, if you need a divorce in Lithonia County or elsewhere in Georgia, please contact us today for a free consultation.